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For all frequently asked questions please see below. If you can't find what you're looking for then please get in touch!

  • Does Microblading/Ombré brows hurt?
    It all depends on your pain threshold, everyone is different and varies in sensitivity. Anesthetic is applied for numbing, however most clients are surprised by how little it hurts. A few things may affect your sensitivity so, if possible, avoid the procedure at the time of your menstrual cycle as this will increase discomfort. If a client takes a large dose of medication, this may affect your sensitivity too. Between microblading and the ombré brow, clients say that the ombré brow is less painful and virtually pain free.
  • How old do you have to be to have treatment?
    You must be 18 to have semi permanent makeup.
  • Am I suitable for semi-permanent makeup?
    Most people are suitable for semi-permanent makeup. Microblading is more suited for normal to dry skin types and ombré brows are suitable for all skin types. However there are a few things that may not allow you to have SPMU or you may need a Doctors' permission to have the procedure. If you are concerned or worried about whether you can have the treatment please feel free to contact us. Below is a list of contraindications that may make you unsuitable for SPMU treatments: - Auto immune disease eg: Cancer treatments, please message to discuss further - Diabetic (A doctors note is required) - Viral infection - Epilepsy - Had an organ transplant - Pacemaker or major heart problems - Seborrheic dermatitis - Use steroids or accutane in the last 6 months - Have hyper trophic scarring or keloids - Skin conditions such as eczema around the brows, psoriasis - On blood thinners (A doctors note is required)
  • Can I have semi-permanent makeup if I am pregnant or nursing?
    No. You must wait at least 12 weeks after having the baby for any SPMU treatments, otherwise the hormones will push the pigment out of the skin. You must also wait at least 12 weeks after you finish nursing.
  • How long does it last?
    Semi-permenant makeup fades over time. This depends entirely on your skin type, lifestyle, health and what method we choose to go for (colour/pigment chosen - lighter pigments typically fade quicker.). All these factors can cause the cosmetic tattoo to fade faster. Microblading can last anywhere betweeen 6 months to 15 months, and ombré brows can last between 6 months to 2 years. Annual touch ups are recommended to refresh the pigment. If you are unsure whether to have a touch up, please send a clear picture of your brows and we will be able to assess.
  • Who benefits from semi-permanent makeup?
    Everyone does: it’s suitable for both men and women. It can benefit people that: - Have a busy schedule - Want more defined brows - Enjoy sports - Has temporary/permanent hair loss - Want to correct asymmetrical eyebrows and even them out - Have poor eyesight
  • What are your payment options?
    Cash or card
  • What’s included in the price of treatment?
    - Consultation - Face/brow measurements - Custom brow design - Colour/pigment match - Aftercare pack and instructions
  • What’s the difference between Microblading and Ombré brows ?
    Please see here
  • How many treatments are needed (brows)?
    A minimum of two treatments 4-8 weeks apart are needed. Semi permanent makeup is a process and not complete in one session, it’s a two step process and rarely a third appointment is needed. It’s essential to have the second touch up so make sure you are able to attend the appointment 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment before you book. During the second touch up session we can asses the colour retention and make suitable adjustments if needed, such as go darker.
  • What if my eyebrows are too light after the first appointment?
    Don’t worry if you feel as if your brows are too light after the first appointment. Semi permanent makeup is a two step process (minimum), and at the second session we can assess the colour retention and go darker if needed.
  • How long do they take to heal (brows)?
    Brows take 4-8 weeks to heal and for the colour to settle. After 4-8 weeks you have your touch up appointment. If you have a special occasion or a holiday that you want your brows to look perfect for then I suggest having your initial appointment 12 weeks before your occasion. During the healing process (days 1-7) your brows will turn very dark. During days 7-10 they start to flake off. This is the stage when people may begin worrying, this is nothing to worry about as it’s normal and part of the healing process. Your brows will then go through a period of looking lighter. 2 weeks later the colour will start to resurface, this is when you have you are due your touch up appointment. Please note, this is a rough guide, everyone heals differently and at different paces.
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