Velvet lips is a cosmetic tattoo adding colour to the lips to give definition and enhance the lips! Velvet lips can also colour correct skin pigmentation and symmetry of the lips. This is a minimal pain treatment that lasts 1-2 years. Colour is evenly applied throughout the lips and there is no harsh outline.  Just gloss and go!!

Colour is tailored to each client. A full consultation is done on the day to discuss this, please bring pictures and ideas with you. If you have fillers you can have lip blush. It enhances the lip line that can be lost with filler! Healing takes approximately 5 days and the final colour result is usually visable in 4 weeks. 


Do not tan two weeks before procedure or have a sunburnt face.

Do not work out the day of the procedure.

Do not have any facial/peel two weeks prior to procedure.

Avoid alcohol 2 days before procedure.

Avoid taking fish oil or vitamin E one week prior.

Avoid coffee before the procedure.

Avoid aspirin or ibuprofen before procedure.

Do not wax your lip 1 week before procedure.

Do not have filler 3 weeks prior to procedure. 

If you suffer with cold sores please take valtrex or accilovir 2 days prior to procedure 



As with all semi permanent makeup it’s a multiple step process and isn’t complete after one session.

  • For the first 2 days wipe lips with sterile water 3 times a day 

  • Apply healing cream with a cotton bud when they feel dry as long as you deem necessary 

  • If you suffer with cold sores please take valtrex or acciclovir 2 days before your procedure and continue to take according to instructions 

  • Avoid food and drink that has colouring in such as red wine, coffee, turmeric, beetroot, spinach, stick to beige foods on the day and the day after your appointment 

  • Avoid hot drinks 

  • Avoid the gym and sweating for 7 days 

  • Don’t whiten teeth until your lips have healed 

  • Don’t have lip filler until your lips have healed 

  • Don’t have chemical peels during healing process 

  • Apply an spf 50 to your lips to protect the colour, this is on going maintenance to your lip colour, to make it last as long as possible

  • Avoid sun beds for a month


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