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Learn how to become a semi-permanent make up (SPMU) brow artist with The Haus of Brows Academy.

Here at The Haus of Brows, we strive to deliver the best semi-permanent make-up training and produce the best students in the brow game. Our aim is to encourage each individual students’ confidence and harness their ability to either begin or further their SPMU brow career. Through a mixture of intimate class-based teaching and one-to-one tutoring Laura aims to make sure each student completes the course with the correct knowledge, skills, and competence required to excel in their career. 

conversion course studying colour theory with brow daddy gold pigments

Our Conversion Course is designed for qualified microblade artists who want to offer their clients additional brow services such as ombre brow and the combo brow. This course is aimed at those who would like to increase their services and income.

Prior to your training, you will be provided pre-study material. This includes an introduction to ombre brows, microblading and sharing, learning the differences between the blades, who ombré brows are suited for, contraindications, pre-care and aftercare advice, healthy and safety, anatomy and functions of the skin and pigment placing. This material must be studied before your first day

Price includes:

  • Training Manual

  • Pre-study material

  • 2 Day classroom theory

  • Practise on latex mats

  • 1 day practical assessment

  • Facebook support group

  • Endless shadow days for a year

  • Full kit provided for your first 10

  • Practical Training Certificate

  • Case Study Assessment

  • ABT Accredited Course

    Luxury product kit includes:

  • Needles

  • Practise mats

  • Machine/Microblades

  • Manual

  • Brow Daddy pigments

  • Brow mapping string

  • Brow mapping ruker

  • Callipers

  • Brow mapping pencil

  • Brow mapping brushes

  • Concealer

  • Colour theory wheel

  • Consent forms for your clients

  • Gloves/wet wipes/aprons/trays

  • Sharps box


Day 1 (10am - 6pm) 

This is where students are able to learn and understand the theory of ombré/combo brows and microblading.

First, a presentation will teach the following theoretical components of the treatment:

  • Patch testing

  • Correctly setting and positioning of the needle and its sizes

  • How to perfect different outlines

  • Skin types

  • Brow mapping,

  • 3 different pre-draw techniques

  • Whip shading

  • and much more.

Detailed discussions and any questions are encouraged, to ensure students are knowledgeable and confident when putting their skills to practise and explaining the procedure to future clients.

You will be required to complete practical homework overnight, ready for assessment the following day. 

Lunch is also provided.


Day 2 (10am - 6pm) 

Your homework from the previous night will be assessed.

Your second day of semi-permanent make-up training will consist of students carrying out a practise on a model using your preferred method of SPMU. You will also
 learn how to set up your workspace; manoeuvre your way through a consultation; how to capture appropriate before and after images/reels/Tik Toks, as well as aftercare.

You will be coached on business advice and will be openly encouraged to ask any questions. 

Lunch is also provided.


Our courses are fully insurable
and ABT accredited.

Now available on finance with Klarna pay in 3 instalments


You will learn

  • The fundamental elements of microblading / ombre shading techniques

  • Explore the different techniques and theories used for microblading / ombre shading 

  • Learn all aspects of health and safety within semi-permanent brows and how to be a compliant practitioner.

  • Learn the anatomy and physiology relating to the face and skin and how to successfully perform semi-permanent brow procedures

  • Complete procedure and step-by-step training and added to a support group for ongoing support

  • How to support clients with ongoing care for treatment

conversion course studying colour theory wheel

Potential earnings

1 client per day

2 client per day

3 client per day

Daily: £250
Weekly: £1,250
Monthly: £5,000
Yearly: £60,000

Daily: £500
Weekly: £2,500
Monthly: £10,000
Yearly: £120,000

Daily: £750
Weekly: £3,750
Monthly: £15,000
Yearly: £180,000

Start your dream career

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